What exercise means for overall health
Although regular exercise is recommended on a daily basis, it does not prevent the body from catching a cold. With a fitness regime, the body becomes stronger both physically and mentally. Therefore, it strengthens the immune system. Physical activity is necessary to fight against various diseases that weaken the body’s immunity to germs and viruses.

Did you know
Running on trails provides a greater all-around workout and resulting calorie burn than running on cement or asphalt. Running on a variety of surfaces forces your waist and core muscles to activate for extra balance.

In addition, people who work out generally adhere to a well-balanced diet and have a dark sleep. Not to mention that a healthy lifestyle improves self-confidence. Similar to the mechanics of a vehicle, the human body requires maintenance. When the body is neglected, it breaks down like a car. Exercise is a physical requirement that everyone needs to function on a regular basis.

Is there any validity regarding the effects of weightlifting and preventing the risk of osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis or brittle bone disease is a progressive disease in which bones lose their density and become more porous, lighter and ultimately brittle. Exercise physiologists recommend a program called “bone remodelling” which involves strength training to help defend and treat osteoporosis by strengthening bone structures. As the muscles pull on the bones, the bones also become stronger.

Did you know
Exercising in intervals and alternating between strength, cardio and aerobics routines is the most effective way to lose fat and gain muscle. To achieve optimal exercise results, muscle strength, and fitness, you need to mix aerobic and strength training on a weekly basis.

How are bones reshaped through strength training?

According to the expertise of Chris Washam, an exercise physiologist in the Department of Kinesiology at Mississippi College, bones have the ability to remodel themselves depending on the degree of stress the bones are under. The resistance involved in lifting weights and treating stress on the bones has been identified in clinical trials as an effective way to prevent and treat osteoporosis.


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