Top 5 Ways To Lose Love Handles

When your jeans doesn’t fit you or you are not able to wear your favorite dress because of your excess weight then you simply don’t feel good. It is very important to control obesity. People who wish to stay a healthy life and do not invite various kinds of diseases in their life should start making efforts for losing their weight. Here, we tell you about top 5 ways to lose love handles
Top 5 Ways To Lose Love Handles

1. Do Exercises To Strengthen Your Lower Back

By making your abdominal muscles strong and toned, you can expect to lose your love handles. There are various exercises like abdominal crunches which people can do for making their abs and lower back strong. Click here to know more about love handle exercises.

2. Have Less Sodium

By decreasing your sodium intake, you can expect to lose your love handles. People should know that having more sodium is not only bad for their heart and blood pressure but it also leads to water retention. Water retention causes weight gain. A lot of weight can be lost from the waist by decreasing the amount of sodium, which people consume.

3. Have More Water

You might be hearing or reading this for a hundredth time while searching for ways to reduce weight. Water helps people in avoiding water retention and it also keeps the digestive system sound. People should drink as much water as they can every day. It will help them in losing love handles.

4. Cut Down Your Alcohol Intake

People who wish to lose their love handles should decrease the amount of alcohol, which they consume. People can expect to lose their love handles by reducing their alcohol intake. Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories, which leads to weight gain and love handles. Here, we are not suggesting that people should stop drinking alcohol completely but we mean to advise people to drink it in moderation. Always remember that more of anything can be dangerous.

5. Dumbbell Side Bends

In order to lose love handles, people should do dumbbell side bends. This is an easy exercise. People need to hold one dumbbell in each hand and then they need to bend sideways letting the dumbbell move towards floor. People need to bend on both right and left sides one after another. Here, people should not carry very heavy dumbbells in the beginning. Start doing this exercise with very light dumbbells. This is a very effective exercise for losing love handles.


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