The French Don’t Diet Plan – Another French Weight Loss Program That Will Captivate Your Heart


The French Don't Diet Plan - Another French Weight Loss Program That Will Captivate Your Heart

By slowing down your meals and eating “real” food instead of the manufactured foods that Americans have grown to appreciate, the French Diet Plan ensures that you will lose weight while also developing a passion for food. This is neither a low-fat nor a low-carb diet. You do not need to be concerned about the percentage of calories or avoid certain foods. You are free to consume whatever you want as long as it is considered “real” food. It should be natural, which means ditching the frozen Hungry Man dinners and neon blue ice drinks.

According to Dr. Will Clower, the French do not consume processed foods. They do not avoid carbohydrates or fats, and they do not take supplements. They do not avoid alcohol at dinner or lunch and do not rush through meals. As a result, they have a far lower obesity rate than Americans.

They can consume fresh bread, cheese, butter, and chocolate and still maintain a small physique. Learning the “how” of eating, eating genuine food, reducing stress-induced eating, and becoming active without necessarily exercising are the cornerstones of the French diet. Some of the principles you must follow include avoiding processed meals that are high in sugar replacements and chemicals, learning to laugh every day, loving every day, getting enough sleep, and living every day with a playful spirit. This is a sensitive whole-food, portion-control strategy. What distinguishes it is that it fosters a change not just in the things you eat but also in your attitude about eating.




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