lexi reed weight loss journey

lexi reed weight loss journey

When Lexi and Danny were thinking about their New Year’s goal, Lexi was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 485 pounds, while Danny was 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 485 pounds. Danny weighed 281 pounds at the time. Lexi was concerned that her weight would limit the amount of time she spent with Danny. The couple, who married in October 2015, had discussed starting a family.

  • Lexi and Danny Reed are their given names.
  • Lexi is 27 years old, and Danny is 30 years old.
  • Marital status: In October of 2015, I married.
  • Lexi’s maximum weight was 485 pounds.
  • Lexi’s current weight is 173 lbs.
  • Danny’s maximum weight was 280 pounds.
  • Danny’s current weight is 185 lbs.

The couple enjoyed eating out, particularly fried and fast food, as well as pizza, chips, candy, and soda.

They were both overweight as a result of their bad behaviors, and they understood they needed to change.

The married couple committed to reducing weight, and since then, they’ve shed a combined 62 pounds and 236 pounds.

Lexi has always been overweight, and when she and Danny, 28, started dating in 2007, they usually went out to eat or ate mindlessly while watching TV.

She tried to lose weight several times throughout her life, but she always gained it back.

That dare was accepted by the couple. They started attending to the gym as well. Lexi was adamant about doing a half-hour of cardio four times a week.

Rather, she concentrated on performing 30 minutes of exercise. She walked till she was out of breath, then rested. She’d then restart and walk till she wanted to rest. She finished 30 minutes of cardio using this stop-and-start strategy. It was difficult, but she kept coming back. It became easier as time went on.

Lexi and Danny changed their diet after the first month, adding veggies and lean protein like salmon and chicken, as well as eating nutritious carbs.

  1. lexi Danny reed weight loss journey
  • Schedule your workout on your calendar.

Lexi was working 10-hour days a few months ago and still went to the gym. While it may appear incredible that she made exercise a priority, she claims that she does so because she tells herself she has to.

  • Make use of buddy systems.

Danny pushed Lexi to work out even though she didn’t want to. Lexi persuaded Danny to go on a break.

Danny added, “It’s fantastic because we have each other.”

  • Discover what motivates you.

The Reeds desired to live a long and healthy life together, as well as to set a good example for their future children. This helped them stay on task.

“I just tried to remind myself what I was doing it for and what my goals were,” Lexi explained.

Lexi is also motivated by photos that illustrate how far she’s come, which she keeps track of on Instagram.

Lexi and Danny’s Typical Meals

  • Breakfast: Eggs with turkey sausage or bacon or sometimes regular bacon
  • Lunch: Chicken and broccoli
  • Dinner: Blackened salmon, sweet potato, cottage cheese
  • Snacks: Banana with peanut butter, fruit or nuts


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