How To Lose Weight With A Pulse Oximeter In The Home Setting


It has long been thought of that an effective exercise regiment in order to lose weight is to have an elevated pulse rate for at least fifteen minutes. The actual elevated pulse rate really depends on the age of an individual and is something that is recommended by the physician. To lose weight thus you have to work out and exercise for at least fifteen minutes but at an elevated pulse rate and this requires a health device that can help you measure your pulse. The device is actually a pulse oximeter which has been used for decades as a perfect device to use in conjunction with the desire to shed some pounds. What happens is that ask you start to exercise you place your finger inside the product and within seconds you get a reading of your rate as well as your blood oxygen saturation. That rate given by the pulse oximeter that you get actually is what can help you monitor your fitness level to ensure that you are operating at an optimal level.

Many times individuals do not understand the actual importance of elevating the pulse in order to get the proper workout regiment. It really does not count unless you are actually at a level where the body is burning the right amount of calories at the right level. The pulse oximeter is great because it is actually very portable and small. It really is just the size of a very small phone device and what that means is that you can take it with you wherever that you need to go. It is powered with the use of a battery that you can actually opt to use as a rechargeable batter if you wanted in order to get a better usage and savings from using the rechargeable kinds.


Source by Jacob Walters


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