Home Gym – A Budget Solution For Weight Loss

Home Gym - A Budget Solution For Weight Loss

Can’t afford a gym membership for weight loss? Here’s the solution: get a home gym. There’s no traveling, and you can exercise whenever you have a spare moment.

Other members of the family can use the home gym too, and this brings the cost down even more.

Firstly, decide what you want to achieve with your home gym. Do you primarily want to lose weight, or do you want to develop a great body? Of course, you may want to do both.

Let’s look at items you may want to include in your home gym.

1. Dumbbells – Start out Light, and Increase the Weight Slowly

Dumbbells come in many different weights. When you’re starting out, choose a low weight set. These may be all you need for weight loss. As your strength increases, just increase your repetitions.

Tip: ensure that you get instructions on using your dumbbells. Remember, exercise slowly and mindfully — keep your mind on what you’re doing to avoid injury.

2. A Cardio Machine for Weight Loss

Your dumbbells will increase your muscle mass (more muscles burn more fat) and so will a cardio machine. Elliptical cross trainers are a good choice for cardio machines. They’re easy to use, and because they place little stress on your joints, are a good choice for anyone who’s overweight.

A stationery bike is also a good choice. As with the elliptical trainer, the bike puts little stress on your joints, so you can avoid injury as you lose weight.

3. A Fitness Ball for Stretching Exercises

A fitness ball is a great addition to any home gym. They’re inexpensive, and allow you to target specific muscle groups. You can use your ball for crunches to eliminate belly fat.

Most balls come with a workout DVD, so that you get used to the ball, and can use it safely.

Additional Tips for Weight Loss With Your Home Gym

* Start your exercise routine slowly. Initially, spend just five minutes with each piece of equipment. This is long enough when you’re just starting out.

* On busy days, choose just one piece of equipment, and exercise for ten minutes. It takes time to build strength. Keep your workouts short and fun.

* As you get used to the equipment, devise your own routines. Create at least three different routines, so you don’t get bored.

A home gym is an excellent budget solution for weight loss: choose your equipment and get started today.


Source by Julia Denham


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