Effective Cellulite Exercises – Reduce cellulite naturally

Effective Cellulite Exercises – Reduce cellulite naturally

You may be doing the best possible activities to keep your frame right and also to be slim and trim so that every time you see in the mirror your eyes shine. But some of the other ways there is something you can’t control of not having any time in life and that is the extra mass getting deposited under your crumpled skin. For guys maybe things are not common but for women, it’s a very common occurrence and we all know it by the name of cellulite.


Cellulite is additional muscular indentations under your skin which is caused due to various reasons. Person to person it varies. For a pregnant lady, it may be due to the loosening of skin after birth, for an adolescent girl it may be due to hormonal imbalance. For some women stress or trauma or diet and for some it’s the swelling under the localized fatty areas.


Though in women it’s predominant and men have the least occurrences of it but you can’t say that men are absolutely safe from not developing cellulite. If you are a heavy smoker or boozer and love to eat all that contains Trans fats or suffer from poor blood circulation you possibly are calling in for that cellulite deposition in your body parts.


Doctors normally classify this extra mass into two most occurring categories:


Cottage cheese type that occurs with very thin skin. This is a rare type of cellulite and normally is taken under skin defects. Women after menopause do see these symptoms.

Loosening of skin elements that cause sagging of skin in and around the area. Known as latticework cellulite is the second type. The bands of collagen that holds the subcutaneous fat under the skin start making indentations or cellulite prompted by the loosening of the skin.

In the case of women, fat is lying right under the skin which causes much harm with the cellulite as compared to men whose fat is lying further under the skin. Leg, thighs, and buttocks are the most prominent parts to show cellulite in women while in men neck and abdomen are the major areas to get affected.


If you think carrying a little cellulite is not going to harm you much then possibly if you are not getting enough sleep or having severe nerve pain then cellulite is the reason for it. This further may add to your present weight gain troubles.


So, how to get rid of this freaky unsightly thing from your body?


Cellulite though difficult to tolerate and treat but is no havoc. routine changes in your diet and some excellent cellulite exercises could help you shape up your frame and tone your skin while getting rid of cellulite.


Just a thirty-minute workout with these exercises and natural cellulite treatment could give you significant results. Before heading for exercise some basic preparations that you need to do are:


Give a quick check to the body parts that are majorly affected by cellulite. This analysis helps you concentrate body specific exercises.

Things you would need  a set of weights, a resistance band, and a step or stair.



A total of three sets of exerciseS with the above equipment give you a start with a strength routine. The following exercises can be scheduled:


Reverse lunge targeted for glutes and quads

Romanian deadlift targeted for glutes and hamstrings

Standing calf raise targeted to calves

Side step with the band for glutes and outer thighs

It’s very important to keep yourself well hydrated while performing these exercises. Drinking water half an hour before works well to replenish salts in your skin while exercising.


An active life, good workout, control of diet, and nutritious food could help you say goodbye to cellulite.


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