8 Step Fast Weight Loss Program and Action Plan Helps You Reach Your Goals


Step 1 of the Fast weight loss program

***For Guaranteed Results, Do Not Skip***

Start a journal tracking everything you eat each day and the exercises you perform.

By far this is the most vital step of the program. Whenever I discover an individual is not reaching there weight loss goals, it is always because they are not keeping a journal.

We highly recommend you create a free account at The Daily Plate. It is so simple to use. There is detailed calorie tracking for every restaurant, grocery store and brand of food out there. The Daily Plate also allows you to easily track how many calories you’ve burned with a library of over 1,500 activities.

Step 2

Determine the amount of Calories you must eat to reach your fast weight loss program goals. The Daily Plate has a great tool that is customizable to the amount of weight you want to lose per week.

A quick method to determine your calorie requirements is multiplying your weight by 7 for extremely fast weight loss results, or by 9 for more comfortable long term weight loss. Do not eat less than 1100 calories.

Step 3

Pick an exercise program that best fits into your lifestyle. For variation, be sure to mix and match your workouts.

Which situation describes you?

1) I’m willing to invest an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening to reach my fast weight loss program goals.

2) I can invest 10 minutes a few times a day.

3) I hate conventional exercise programs and machines and am looking for alternatives.

No matter which of the above situations best describes you. There is a program that will fit into your life and help you achieve your fast weight loss program goals.

Step 4

Go grocery shopping for weight loss foods and purge the pantry of diet busting foods. Be sure to keep a couple of treats you can eat in moderation a couple of times a week. Just be sure to track it on the daily plate or other journal.

Step 5

Pick up a few pieces of exercise equipment to help you reach your goals. You do not have to spend a lot of money here. Some people have found that old paint cans are effective for adding resistance.

In my case, I love working out with my two year old daughter in place of a boring dumbbell. She’s tons more fun, and she pushes me more to keep going than any personal trainer ever could.

Step 6

Purchase a heart rate monitor that tracks your calories burned during exercise. Not having one of these is the number 2 reason people are not reaching their weight loss goals. You can find one at Walmart for under $40.

Quite often I hear stories of how individuals assume they were exercising at 70% of their maximum heart rate, but instead have been working out at only 50%.

Many people over estimate the amount of calories they are burning. With these simple devices you can accurately track the amount of calories you are burning off.

Step 7

Eat small meals every 3 to 4 hours to increase your metabolism and curb your appetite.

The fast weight loss program recommends you eat…

1 serving of lean Protein

1 serving of Complex Carbohydrates

1 serving of Fruits and Vegetables

1 cup of Green Tea or Water

… with each meal. If you wish, you can eat additional servings of vegetables in your meals.

Step 8

Begin your exercise program. Focus on breathing properly and not holding your breath during exercise. Push it hard with your cardio exercises but take it easy the first month when lifting weights or your body weight. The only way you can succeed is to begin. Start your transformation now.


Source by Jamie Harris


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