3 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Effectively

3 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Effectively

A lot of people are searching for the best exercise to lose weight and for good reason. After all, no one wants to waste time with exercises that don’t work, or else they will find ways to lose weight without exercise. However, when it comes to the greatest workouts for weight loss, there are only three primary areas to focus on and monitor. These 3 regions of your body can do different routines, and they have their own perfect exercise to lose weight effectively.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight for Torso

  1. Best Exercise to Lose Weight for Torso

The torso is the region that needs the most exercise to be able to shed that excess weight. It is the most prominent area of our body and there are a lot of workout routines that you can do to tone it.

The most effective workout routine is crunches. Sit-ups or crunches develop different parts of the torso in just one routine. You are working with your abdomen, hips, upper and lower back, oblique and chests all at the same time. You will also see a big result in your stomach area after such hard work. In every crunch, you will feel all these muscles getting exercised and utilized. It will make you sweat a lot which is a sign of burning unnecessary calories plus it improves your cardiovascular strength.

This routine is considered the best exercise to lose weight in your torso area because it also helps in the proper alignment of your backbones which are all aligned to your buttocks, legs, arms, and neck. The torso area is the middle section of the body so everything that gets exercised in the torso area pretty much connects to the entire body.

  1. Best Exercise to Lose Weight for Legs

Nothing beats squats when it comes to losing weight in the leg area. Doing squats will really develop leg endurance and will help turn the sagging fats to tight and firm muscles. The legs are the most jointed part of our body and those joints will definitely loosen up with leg exercises. Exercising the legs and feet regularly will lead to enhanced motor skills and lean muscular definition. Now you can have those long sexy legs you’ve always wanted.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight for Legs

Squats are also considered a compound exercise and this is why it’s considered by many as the best exercise to lose weight.


  1. Best Exercise to Lose Weight for Arms

The third region is the arms. Push-ups are always great for the arms for you are using your triceps and you can be sure that you are lifting the right amount, not too heavy, not too light because you are lifting your body. Push-ups, asides from the development of your triceps will help to shape your pectoral muscles or pecs, and midsections too. Your hands’ rotator cuffs, posterior deltoids, and quadriceps are also the main areas of your arms that are greatly exercised with push-ups.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight for Arms

What makes the push-up the best exercise to lose weight? There are varieties of push-ups that you can do which are done for different purposes. The most difficult yet most efficient push-up variation is called the Planche push-ups. It is a push-up where the entire body weight is lifted without the help of the feet laying on the ground. This is usually done by those who are very athletic and wants a real hardcore routine. But if you think you are not yet ready for Planche push-ups but want more than just the ordinary push-ups you can now try the One Hand Push-Ups which is obviously done with just one arm at a time. This will give your arms more definition and is a lot faster compared to the normal style. It works best with the other hand at your back for all the balance will be drawn to your other arm which will give you the full effect of this push-up variation.


A more modern and popular version of push-ups is did as part of Plyometrics. This exercise’s routine is almost the same but the difference is that it’s done in the opposite way. You will drop yourself to the ground and rebound using your arms’ strength. This is a more effective yet still difficult way to develop arm strength.


In totality, the best exercise to lose weight is all in the mind. If you really are determined to lose weight and make a change for yourself, you can do it. Just concentrate on the three main regions of the body and plan your meals accordingly every day and you will surely see the huge differences as you go through. Think positive and be inspired, that’s the mind’s greatest exercise to lose weight physically.


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