The French Diet Plan ensures that you will be losing weight and at the same time develop a love for food by slowing down your meals and eating “real” food instead of the processed foods that Americans have come to embrace. This is considered neither a low fat nor a low-carb diet. You need not worry about the percentage of calories or eliminate foods. You have the option of eating anything you want just as long as it is considered “real” food. It should be natural, which means that you have to get rid of the frozen Hungry Man dinners or neon blue icy drinks.

French people do not eat processed food according to Dr. Will Clower. They do not avoid fats of carbohydrates and they do not take supplements. They do not shy away from wine at dinner and lunch and they do not rush through meals. The result is that they have a much lower obesity rate compared to that of the Americans.

They can eat fresh breads, cheese, butter and chocolate and they are still able to manage a slim figure. The principles of the French diet are learning the “how” of eating, eating real food, reducing stress-induced eating and becoming active without necessarily exercising. Getting rid of processed foods which are loaded with sugar substitutes and chemicals, learning to laugh everyday, loving everyday, getting enough sleep and living everyday with a playful spirit are just some of the rules you must adhere to. This can be considered a delicate whole-food, portion-control plan. What makes it different is that it encourages a change not only on the foods you eat, but also how your view of food.


Source by Faviano Torres