I am sure that you have seen the infomercials on Sunday morning TV or late at night. Those where a bunch or ripped dudes and pretty looking gals are working out mixed with clips and interviews of people showing their before and after pictures and talking about their success using this home workout system. Listen, I know that you might be thinking that those statements sound too good to be true, but this program actually works. Would you like to find out?

Let me give a little background. After several years of sedentary lifestyle, wife kids and pretty much no exercise, I ballooned out of my skin and gained a lot of weight. Now, this all happens very slowly and we don’t notice it, but the turning point for me was when I attended my high school reunion a couple of years ago and this guy looked at me and said: “what happened to you!?!?, you used to be in pretty good shape!?!?”. Needless to say, I felt like I wanted to die, but this gave me enough fire to do something about it. To make a long story short, I began using this home workout system without much faith in it, but that changed pretty quick.

The Pros of P90X

Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to everything and this home fitness workout program is no exception. Let’s review the pros.

1 The workout consists of 12 DVDs, each focusing on a specific area of fitness. Each workout lasts 4 weeks and it continually changes. The result is that your body can’t really adapt to the workout which will prevent weight loss plateaus.

2 The workouts are pretty fun and in some cases, are really addictive. You basically follow along with what’s going on the screen,

3 It comes with a pretty detailed nutrition guide that will give you several options: a plan based on recipes for those who like to cook. A plan that just gives you the number of portions of protein, carbs and fats and a list of the equivalences. And finally, a list of healthy and nutritious things to eat at restaurants and fast food joints. Ideal for those who are traveling all the time or that are on the road a lot.

4 You can do the workouts at home without having to buy any expensive equipment or having to join a gym. To me that was a big plus, since I don’t really like going to the gym and I would’ve quit immediately if I had to do the workouts there.

5 You have access to a really cool online community where you can share success stories or ask questions about the workouts or about food.

The Cons…

1 The workouts are pretty intense. There really isn’t a way to sugar coat this. You are going to hurt. Especially during the first week. I was pretty sore the first few days but eventually felt pretty good

2 You must workout 6 days a week. This can feel like a lot to people who are not used to physical activity. Fortunately the actual workouts are pretty fun to do, but you have to bring yourself to doing them.

3 You have to make the effort to change your eating habits and learn to like exercise, otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

Overall, this workout system is pretty solid and you can expect to get real results if you follow the plan. You can rest assured that what you see on the infomercial on TV is true and you can expect similar results if you stick to it. Are you serious about losing weight and getting in great shape?


Source by Kurtis Fred D Britt