Dieting isn’t that difficult as long as you learn the knowledge properly, but many people don’t know the right way to do it, so it seems that all diets fail.

Why can't I lose weight

When practicing a diet, many people try to approach either exercise or dietary restrictions, which is a mistake in the first place.

If you want to make sure your diet is successful, you should always be aware of both sides.

It is especially dangerous for people who are not good at exercising and who are on a diet that only reduces their diet.

At first, if you eat less, you will lose weight temporarily, but it will surely reach a plateau somewhere.


Of which

“Why can’t I lose weight without eating?”

The question comes to my mind.

Furthermore, if you are a little off guard and eat more than usual, you will

rebound at once and you will gain more weight than before the diet.

This is because I don’t really understand the theory of diet and how the body works, but

it’s no wonder that I can’t lose weight without eating.


  • Causes of getting fat not eating

The biggest reason why you can’t lose weight without eating

By reducing the amount of food you eat, not only fat but also

muscle mass and internal functions are reduced, which may lead to a decrease in

basal metabolism and a tendency to gain weight.

Therefore, the dietary restriction diet that I started trying to lose

weight has gone in the opposite direction, as a result, it becomes easier to gain weight.

  • Exercise is essential for ideal body shape change & maintenance

To prevent this from happening, you still need to exercise moderately.

You should also do exercises such as muscle training that will strengthen your muscles as much as possible .

This is a common principle for both men and women.

If you train your muscles, your basal metabolism will improve, and you will beless likely to gain weight and lose weight.

If you exercise even for a short time using a little free time in the day, the result will be completely different.

Therefore, the important point is to exercise well and then adjust the amount of food.

This is an important process to ensure that you lose weight without rebounding .

  • A method for a successful diet in 2 months

If you want to lose weight in a short period of time in earnest, you

should thoroughly implement a well-organized exercise menu and diet menu.

If you’ve never lost weight, you should be able to achieve results in a surprisingly short period of time.