I managed to diet for two months centered around the program, but I was very careful about my eating habits in addition to exercise. Of course, the ideal shape of the meal menu is offered under the program, so I decided to follow a diet based on this idea.


Among them, the one that I personally paid particular attention to and found effective was the drink.

Before starting the diet, I casually drank high-calorie, low-fat beverages such as fruit juice and canned coffee.

But in reality, I realized that these drinks are quite dangerous. Before going on a diet, I was not careful because it was a drink, but when I looked more closely at the ingredients like juice, I immediately realized that it was easy to gain weight.

In particular, juices and canned coffee contain a lot of sugar, which is generally said to be easy to gain weight.

Unexpectedly, sports drinks are also very dangerous. If you drink too much, you will definitely gain weight.

If you consume too much sugar, it will turn into body fat.

Although it is a necessary nutrient, it is not good to take too much from a dietary point of view.

In my case, before starting the diet, I drank over 1 liter of juice a day, so I’m convinced that I can’t lose weight.

After noticing it, I was limited to juice and canned coffee and basically drank water or tea, but I think it was very effective.


However, since sugar is absolutely necessary during intense exercise, it is okay to drink sports drinks, but if you want to lose weight on the diet only, water or tea is fine.

Even with the included supplement called MERA, you can secure the source of energy needed for exercise.

Anyway, even if you do not practice such a diet method, you should be careful not to drink too much juice or canned coffee.

Nowadays, the drink label always indicates the nutritional components, so be sure to check it before drinking it.

By the way, I love cola, so I chose zero calories while I was on a diet. If you are on a diet right now and not paying attention to drinks, if you are aware of this content, you will surely get results, so give it a try! !!