What are appetite suppressants?

In this interesting article, I am going to explain you what are appetite suppressants and how can they help in terms of losing weight naturally by simply eating less. Believe it or not, appetite suppressants can be an excellent yet safe weight loss tool especially for those whose main  cause of weight gain or obesity is their ”tendency to eat more”.


Definition of appetite suppressants

Appetite suppressants can be defined as the substances or compounds that inhibit or reduce your desire to eat (hunger) by:

•    Acting on the appetite centre located in your brain or,
•    Making your stomach feel full


Examples of appetite suppressants

Some of the excellent and proven appetite suppressants include

•    Fiber and fiber containing supplements and foods
•    Water (makes you feel full)
•    Nutrient dense foods (such as green leafy vegetables or skim milk)
•    Weight loss pills and drinks


Classification of appetite suppressants

Based on their nature, composition and mode of action (how they act), appetite suppressants can be divided into the following types:

1-Appetite suppressant foods

These are natural foods that have appetite suppressant properties. Most time-tested examples of such foods include fiber and fiber containing foods such as whole wheat bread, cereals, apples, flax seeds, chocolate, salads, soup, coffee and whole fruits.

2-Appetite cartoon porn suppressant drinks

These are natural or semi-natural (partially natural) drinks with appetite suppressing properties. Some of the frequently consumed examples of such drinks include water and sugar free pure fruit juices with pulp or concentrate.

3-Appetite suppressant supplements

Appetite suppressant supplements mainly comprise of herbal or organic pills and drinks. Some examples of such supplements include fiber based vegetative fat binding supplement (or pills) and certain fat burning drinks.

4-Appetite suppressant drugs

These are allopathic or medical drugs or medicines that are “prescribed” by doctors to suppress your hunger or appetite. Most commonly, your doctor prescribes these drugs when you have a certain medical disorder or condition such as hypothyroidism or severe obesity (which can not be controlled by other natural measures). Because of the risk severe drug interactions and serious side effects, their use is limited and should be strictly conditional to a doctor’s prescription.



Based on the above fruitful discussion, it is vital for you to understand the basic cause that has made you overweight or obese. If that is your controllable desire to eat more (increased appetite), then choosing and using a safe and natural appetite suppressant can be your best bet to lose weight successfully.

Whatever your choice might be, I strongly urge you to consider certain factors such as economy (should be affordable), safety (should be free from side effects), and proven and credible (should be backed with users’ testimonials and clinical studies, second opinion and so on.) 


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I can recommend African Mango, it helped me a lot.

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